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Advantage Locksmith Store Sunnyvale, CA 408-273-9378A perfect day outing soon turns into a fiasco when you find that your home’s lock refuses to turn. Leaving the door unlocked and proceeding with your plan is not an option. Or have you ever found yourself in a helpless lockout situation due to a missing key? At times like these, your first port of call ought to be a residential locksmith shop that can fix up your issues in a jiffy. But what do you do when you experience the same in the middle of the night or on a public holiday? Finding a residential locksmith shop that remains open 24/7 and serves you as and when needed might seem like an impossible task. But not anymore! With Advantage Locksmith Store, you can rest easy knowing that there’s always someone in Sunnyvale, CA area you can rely on for all your home lock and key issues.

Widespread network across Sunnyvale, CA

Some situations simply cannot afford loss of precious time. Imagine experiencing a break-in. The need for locksmith assistance for repairs and replacements thereafter is immediate. You cannot wait for a locksmith on the other side of town to reach you. We own a string of residential locksmith shops across the Sunnyvale, CA area, which enables us to be your nearest locksmith in times of need. Our mobile vans are also stationed at our shops. When we receive your call, the van that’s nearest to your location will be dispatched at once.

Our residential locksmith shop – specialty:


  • Get greeted by expert locksmiths
  • All shops are stocked with high-tech equipment
  • Wide collection of locks and other products
  • Open 24/7
  • Huge assortment of keys
  • Affordable pricing
  • Excellent customer service
  • Spot solutions provided
  • The one-stop residential locksmith shop

Need someone to take a look at your digital lock? Want to get a spare key made? Clients often end up visiting multiple stores to find a technician that is willing to take up a specific task. But what if Advantage Locksmith Store told you that our technicians can do it all? Thanks to the multifaceted team that we’ve recruited, Advantage Locksmith Store can provide a wide range of solutions in one place. We can cut keys, repair locks of all types, install new locks, and even act as your advisors to ramp up your home’s security level.

Feel the difference with Advantage Locksmith Store! Visit our residential locksmith shop or dial 408-273-9378 to hire a locksmith today!