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Advantage Locksmith Store Sunnyvale, CA 408-273-9378We can try to be as alert and cautious as possible, but one can never be too cautious. Memory lapses are common, and occasional slip-ups and accidents are a part of what makes you human. You might end up misplacing your keys, forget your lock combination, or worse end up locking keys in the car. You are not alone! We’ve received countless calls from clients who’ve accidentally locked keys in car and require our professional assistance. So if this happens to you, remember, all you need to do is call Advantage Locksmith Store and leave the rest to us!

Make the right choice:

If you’ve locked keys in the car, you are left with three choices: gain forced entry into the vehicle, call in your car dealer for a new set of keys or call a professional locksmith. The first option will leave you with a hefty bill for repair and replacements, while the second option besides being expensive also warrants you to wait endlessly for your car dealer to come up with a new set of keys. If you want a reliable solution that’s light on your pocket and is served promptly, call Advantage Locksmith Store. Our experts can arrive on the scene and come up with an effective solution within 30 minutes.

Retrieval VS new key creation

When you call in auto locksmiths from Advantage Locksmith Store, their first attempt is at unlocking your vehicle’s lock without bringing about any damage to the vehicle or the lock. This allows them to access the interior, retrieve your keys and fix any damage to the lock. As opposed to getting new keys made, the wait time and the costs incurred are quite minimal.
 In a bid to cash in on your helplessness, most locksmiths will not recommend it or are simply incompetent at carrying out a non-destructive opening procedure. That’s why the Sunnyvale, CA community has grown to trust no one but us, for honest, on-time, efficient and ideal solutions!

Get new keys made on-the-spot

Complexity of locks varies from vehicle to vehicle, and hence, when an unlocking procedure fails, the last resort is to get new keys made. Our technicians will simply craft a new key for your vehicle onsite using the tools in our mobile workshop. Years of experience in the field and a sheer mastery at key cutting enables us to craft new keys in less than 30 minutes
Don’t worry if you’ve locked keys in the car! Call a Advantage Locksmith Store technician today!