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Advantage Locksmith Store Sunnyvale, CA 408-273-9378Every year, thousands and thousands of people get locked out of their home, office or car. Typical scenarios are when we get our keys lost or damaged in the keyholes that make it impossible for us to unlock the door. In such scenarios, contact Advantage Locksmith Store, a reliable locksmith service company. We are the only company in Sunnyvale, CA to offer door unlock service without charging an outrageous price. We have been in this field over a decade, assisting people to get out of tricky, complex situations at the most reasonable prices. Also, we don’t let our customers wait more than 30 minutes for our visit. So don’t hesitate to call us when you are in need of door unlock services. 

24-hour lockout assistance: 

The best part of our door unlock service is the convenience factor. As you know, door lockout problems can happen at the worst possible time. Whether your keys are locked in late at night or broke off in the door lock early in the morning, our technicians will arrive at your place in a heartbeat! It’s truly reassuring knowing that there’s a locksmith who can provide door unlock service 24 hours a day all over Sunnyvale, CA. 

Fits in the Budget:  

Sadly, there are many types of doors in the market. That is why it’s mostly hard for the local locksmiths to provide a flat-rate over the phone. As a reputed door unlock service provider, we try to estimate the price over the phone by asking questions about the model and make of the door, etc. In that way, we provide the estimated fee that is generally less than what is charged by our competitors.

Only 30 Minutes Away!

Though cost is a crucial factor when choosing the locksmith company, you should also consider response time. By hiring local experts who know the nook and corner of every street of Sunnyvale, CA, our response timing gets reduced. Our average response time for emergency calls runs between 15 to 20 minutes. Don’t worry! Unlike the local door unlock service providers in Sunnyvale, CA, we won’t keep you waiting for long!

For more than ten years, we have been servicing this industry and solved more than thousands of locksmith issues. We are dedicated to providing not just door unlock service, but also key and door replacement, installation, re-keying and other services. Whatever be your locksmith problems, always remember that the solution is just a call away!