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Did you lose the keys to your home? Do you have a broken key issue? Is the car key stuck in the ignition? Call our lockmasters at Advantage Locksmith Store to make you a new set of copy keys within minutes. Our technicians program the new keys keeping all the specifications of the original key, and this makes sure that it works perfectly with your lock. 

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Today, lock systems are becoming more and more advanced. The new security measures make it almost impossible to break into. So, contacting a professional who is not trained in each and every make and model is not beneficial since you may not get a copy key that’s crafted in the right manner. In such a case, contacting reputed locksmith service provider like Advantage Locksmith Store will help you to get a new pair of keys.  

Get car Keys made quickly:

Advantage Locksmith Store Sunnyvale, CA 408-273-9378Most of the cars in today’s market require transponder keys to start them. A transponder key has a microchip with a unique serial number that is specifically programmed for that key. If the car does not recognize and confirm the serial number, you may not be able to start the vehicle. So, it is always advisable to have a pair of copy key so that you may not end up in trouble if you lose the keys or if they malfunction.

Most people contact the car dealers when they need spare keys as they believe that only dealers can be able to make a new set of keys. Dealers take advantage of this situation and charge high fees for a new set of copy keys whereas if you contact a locksmith at Advantage Locksmith Store, you may get a new set of keys at less than half the price charged by the dealers. 

Addition to this, you have to tow your vehicle to the dealer’s garage, and this may not be possible when you are facing an emergency. You may be able to avoid all this hassle when you contact us. The trained experts at Advantage Locksmith Store arrive at your place within 15-20 minutes and can get you a new key made in time

If you are in need of duplicate keys for your car/home/office, choose us! Our experts will reach the specified locations within 20 minutes of receiving the call with all the latest tools. This facilitates us to make copy keys even for the most complex lock models within a flash.